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Registration for estate agencies

If there is one or more real estate agents working with mediation for an agency, the agency also needs to be registered at FMI.

Requirements on the agency

For the agency to be registered it needs to meet the following requirements:

  • The application fee must be payed.
  • The agency should not be put into bankruptcy or liquidation.
  • The agency meets the requirements of conscientiousness and suitability for the real estate business.
  • Those involved in the agency’s management and those owning a qualified share of the business can not have a history of serious crime or having, in extent, neglecting their obligations in business operations.

Exceptions from the registration requirement

The requirement of registration applies to many real estate agencies but not all. Sole traders and lawyer agencies do not need to be registered. There are also exceptions when the real estate agents only mediate certain kinds of rental properties where the monthly rent is lower than 10 000 euros. The exception does not apply for mediation of regular resident apartments.

FMI can intervene against an agency that is not registered but should be. We will then impose the agency to get registered or cease with operations that require registration.

Application for agencies

If the agency has a representative with a Swedish social security number, it is possible to apply for registration through our digital service “mina sidor”. If not, contact us and we will help you.

The application form requires information about the agency, it’s owners and management and the real estate agents working with mediation through the agency. Swedish limited companies should provide appendices like proof of registration, articles of association and stock book. Foreign companies should provide equivalent records.

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