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In English

The Swedish Estate Agents Inspectorate (FMI) is a central administrative agency under the Ministry of Finance. FMI’s tasks include registering, reviewing and supervising estate agents and estate agencies. We also provide information regarding good estate agent practices.

Briefly about FMI

  • We have around 30 employees.

  • Our office is located in Karlstad, Sweden.

  • We are led by Director-General Gunilla Paulsson.

  • The minister responsible for our organisation is Erik Slottner at Ministry of Finance.

  • The FMI has an internal disciplinary committee that settles matters regarding disciplinary actions.

Our tasks include

Registering estate agents and agencies

  • We handle applications for becoming a registered estate agent or estate agency.

  • We keep a register of registered estate agents and agencies. 

Reviewing and supervising estate agents

  • We supervise registered estate agents and agencies by checking to make sure they adhere to the applicable regulations and the estate agent code of conduct.

  • We check to make sure estate agents and agencies meet the requirements for registration.

  • Our disciplinary committee makes decisions regarding disciplinary actions against registered estate agents and agencies.

  • Our practice in supervisory matters contributes to developing codes of conduct for estate agents and agencies. 

Providing information about the estate agent code of conduct

  • We provide information regarding what is included in the estate agent’s  and agency's task, as in what they are obligated and permitted to do.

  • We provide information about the estate agent code of conduct.

Our vision

Our vision is: “Safe mediation of real estates”.

Our vision is primarily focused on three key areas:

  • Competent estate agents and agencies. 

  • Informed demographics.

  • Active and well-founded supervision.

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