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The Swedish Estate Agents Inspectorate (FMI) is a central administrative agency under the Ministry of Finance. FMI’s tasks include registering, reviewing and supervising estate agents and provide information regarding good estate agent practices.

Briefly about FMI

  • We have around 25 employees.

  • Our office is located in Karlstad, Sweden.

  • We are led by Director-General Gunilla Paulsson.

  • The minister responsible for our organisation is Lena Micko, Ministry of Finance.

  • The FMI has an internal disciplinary committee that settles matters regarding disciplinary actions.

Our tasks include

Registering estate agents

  • We handle applications for becoming a registered estate agent.

  • We keep a register of registered estate agents.

Reviewing and supervising estate agents

  • We supervise registered estate agents by checking to make sure they adhere to the applicable regulations and the estate agent code of conduct.

  • We check to make sure estate agents meet the requirements for registration.

  • Our disciplinary committee makes decisions regarding disciplinary actions against registered estate agents.

  • Our practice in supervisory matters contributes to developing codes of conduct for estate agents.

Providing information about the estate agent code of conduct

  • We provide information regarding what is included in the estate agent’s task, as in what an estate agent is obligated and permitted to do.

  • We provide information about the estate agent code of conduct.

Our vision

Our vision is: “Safe mediation provisions where all parties are happy”.

Our vision is primarily focused on three key areas:

  • Competent estate agents.

  • Informed demographics.

  • Active and well-founded supervision.

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